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Updated April 21, 2023: Due to the number of increasing *NO SHOWS and *LAST MINUTE cancellations I am now implementing and updating my official Nelson Massage Therapy, llc CANCELLATION POLICY.


*NO SHOWS and *LAST MINUTE cancellations are becoming more and more frequent and my business cannot withstand the loss of income. When requests for a reschedule or cancellation come in within the 24 hour time frame, my opportunity to fill that appointment time narrows and in many cases cannot be filled.


Appointment reminders are sent the day before and are a courtesy. You are still responsible for your appointment whether you receive or read your reminder or not. (Technology can fail).


I require a 24 hour minimum notice via text or voicemail to 763-370-8852 to cancel or change any appointment. Any cancellations received within 1 hour of scheduled appointment time will be treated as a *NO SHOW and payment in full for that missed appointment is expected if a reschedule is requested.


*NO SHOWS:  Payment in full for a missed appointment or an appointment cancelled within 1 hour of scheduled time is required for a requested reschedule.

*CANCELLATIONS: Made within the 24 hour up to 1 hour notice will require a pre-payment of 50% of the appointment value to reschedule and is non-refundable if that appointment is not kept.


By scheduling an appointment you agree to these Terms of Service.

Thank You for respecting my policies.

UPDATED: April 21, 2023

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